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About Counselling

What is counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy that provides a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential environment, where you can explore any emotional difficulties or problems that are causing you distress or affecting your ability to live your life as fully as you would like.


Often, when we face difficulties in life, we tend to cope by bottling up our feelings, putting on a brave face and trying to carry on "as normal". However, there are times when these feelings are just too overwhelming and we find that we can’t cope as well as we normally do. Talking through and exploring your problems and feelings with a professionally trained counsellor can help to make these bottled up feelings easier to understand and deal with.


An experienced counsellor can also help you to identify patterns in your life that stop you from achieving the things you want. Our counsellors will work with you to help you find new ways of thinking about, or dealing with, your problems, so that repetitive patterns are broken and problems become more manageable.


Many people find that counselling therapy helps them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and what is really important to them, leading to renewed optimism and a clearer understanding of which direction they want their life to take.


Counselling is often very challenging, but it can also be an exciting and empowering journey of self- discovery that can help you achieve a future of new understanding and renewed potential.

The first session

The initial consultation is primarily an opportunity for you to see whether you feel comfortable working with the counsellor, and for the counsellor to determine whether they are able to provide the support you need.


The very nature of counselling means that you may be exploring some extremely painful or deeply personal issues. Because every counsellor works in a different way, it is vital that you feel confident about the counsellor’s ability to support you. Our counsellors understand that starting counselling therapy can be daunting, and that you may need to see several counsellors for an initial consultation before you find someone you feel comfortable working with.  


During the initial consultation you will be encouraged to explore what has brought you to therapy as well as your hopes and expectations of counselling. This session also provides an opportunity to experience what counselling feels like, and for you to ask questions about any aspect of the counselling process.


If you decide that you want to continue with counselling therapy, your counsellor will also discuss the counselling contract with you. This is the agreement that sets out the details of how you and your counsellor will work together, covering issues such as open-ended or time-limited therapy, confidentiality, frequency and times of sessions, review date and counselling fees.


The initial consultation takes up to one hour, however further counselling sessions are 50 minutes in duration.

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